The iconic London Underground tube map repurposed to depict the long and multifaceted career of David Bowie, incorporating his different stylistic periods as well as his personal, artistic, and literary influences.
A visual representation of the train timetable, with colour coded bars indicating destinations and station stops. Arranged on a radial grid of the 24-hour clock.
Size: A2 (420 x 594 mm / 16.5 x 23 inches)
The Periodic Table of Elements reworked to show the influences on, and outputs of, Pink Floyd from the mid '60s to the present.
Eurovision 1956-2013
An abstract depiction of Eurovision Song Contest winning, second-, third- and fourth-place countries based on the colour wheel.
The F.A. Cup 1872-2013
An abstract representation of F.A. Cup Final winners based on the colour wheel.
Promotional poster given out at the HOW Design Live conference in Boston featuring a "repurposed" map of the T.
(18 x 24 inches)
This poster was designed for my course Designing an Infographic. It shows the casualty figures, a map of combatants (with insets for the Western and Eastern fronts), the principle causes, a timeline of major battles, and the stories of a handful of the people who fought.
Tabloid size (17 x 11 inches)
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